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7 December 2013 @ 5am


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Preliminary 2012 Danish Company Tax Records

The Danish tax authority released the 2012 company tax records yesterday. I’ve scraped a preliminary data set by just getting all the CVR-ids from last year’s scrape. This leaves out any new companies that cropped up since then, but there’d still 228,976 in the set, including subsidiaries.

The rest are being scraped as I write this and should be ready in at most a few days. I’ll publish the full data as soon as I have it, including some commentary on the fact that the tax people spent kr. 1mio [dk] to release the data in the this half assed way.

In the meantime, get the preliminary data in this Google Fusion Table.


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Martin M. S. Pedersen
9 December 2013 @ 12am

The Fusion table worked a few hours ago. But now it is gone ?

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9 December 2013 @ 1am

@Martin it seems to work fine for me?

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Full 2012 Danish company taxes – Randoom
19 December 2013 @ 2am

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