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C# and Google Geocoding Web Service v3

Need to geocode addresses using the v3 Google Geocoding Web Service? There are some good reasons to choose the new v3 edition — most importantly, you don’t need an API key. You could use geocoding.net which — at the time of writing — ┬áhas some support for v3. I decided to hack up my own […]

Using WCF to power Facebook feedstory forms

UPDATE: I think facebook has changed the API so that links in full stories have to be split into src and href parts. Several parts of the Facebook developer API requires application developers to furnish JSON web services that feed data to various actions. These include feed forms (“I want to stick something on my […]

Interacting with the Dynamics CRM Web Service through WCF

Before I could get started on LinqtoCRM, I had to get Visual Studio 2008/WCF and CRM to agree on a common mode of interaction. I must confess that, in the past, I’ve only picked up just enough web services knowledge to get things humming (which was almost nothing in VS 2003/2005). WCF, with its notions […]