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16 May 2010 @ 5pm


Linq-to-SQL, group-by, subqueries and performance

If you’re using Linq-to-SQL, doing group-by and selecting other columns than those in the grouping-key, performance might suffer. This is because there is no good translation of such queries to SQL and Linq-to-SQL has to resort to doing multiple subqueries. Matt Warren explains here. I experienced this firsthand when grouping a lot of geocoded events […]

EC2 SQL Server backup strategies and tactics

The many backup modes offered by Microsoft SQL server, combined with the prodigious hardware options offered on Amazon EC2 can make choosing a backup strategy for your setup a little confusing. In this post, I’ll sketch some options and end with a simple PowerShell script usable on both Express and Standard versions, that’ll backup your […]

Techniques for unique, correct and fast geo-queries II

You may remember my last post on this topic ended with a question. Just to recap, we have a table with a lot of rows that have geographical coordinates and we want to find a random subset that lies in a given map window. The problem with the query demonstrated last was that there are […]

Processing and SQL server on Windows

Tim Regan has a comprehensive description of how he got SQL Server 2008 running with processing. I found some steps to be superfluous while others were missing (it was still an invaluable guide though), here’s how I did it: Get the SQL Server JDBC driver, be sure to get the Windows version Unpack it somewhere […]

Techniques for unique, correct and fast geo-queries

UPDATE: Better solution here. Here’s the scenario: You have a lot (a million+) of geotagged addresses in a database and you want to show them as markers on Google Maps. Some further requirements are: You only want to show some constant (10) amount at any given time, since too many markers clutters the map and […]

Attribute summing in CRM entity hierarchies

I’ve implemented some rather hefty Reporting Services (RS) reports lately, with some of the requirements including recursive summing af attribute values through hierarchies of CRM accounts. This sort of aggregation may be possible in RS, but I dislike that tool with a vengeance and prefer doing math in the database. My first attempt (and the […]

Using SQL Server Native Web Services

This week I spent some time implementing an integration-scenario for a client. There were some complicating factors that we managed to overcome, and in case it may have wider applicability, I’ve written up our experiences. The client has a successful e-commerce solution, and wanted updated information on their customers and their orders available in Dynamics […]