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Wikileaks Iraq wardiaries data quality

til;dr: The Wikileaks Iraq data is heavily redacted (by Wikeleaks presumably) compared to the Afghanistan data: Names — of persons, bases, units and more — have been purged from the “Title” and “Summary” column-texts and the precision of geograpical coordinates have been truncated. This makes both researching and visualizing the Iraq data somewhat difficult. (this […]

C# and Google Geocoding Web Service v3

Need to geocode addresses using the v3 Google Geocoding Web Service? There are some good reasons to choose the new v3 edition — most importantly, you don’t need an API key. You could use geocoding.net which — at the time of writing — ┬áhas some support for v3. I decided to hack up my own […]

Techniques for unique, correct and fast geo-queries II

You may remember my last post on this topic ended with a question. Just to recap, we have a table with a lot of rows that have geographical coordinates and we want to find a random subset that lies in a given map window. The problem with the query demonstrated last was that there are […]

Showing maps and borders in Processing

A few days ago, I posted a video showing public procurement expanding geopraphically with the EU enlargements in the ’00s. There weren’t any borders, but you could sort of see the outline of Europe and how the dots spread east with time. Adding actual borders to the map proved very frustrating. The Geographical Information System […]

Video of procuring authorities in the EU

I did a video showing the geographical spread over time of authorities buying stuff through the EU public procurement system. We managed to hijack all the contracts some time ago and the addresses of the authorities and the winning contractors have now all been geocoded. You can also explore the data on the TEDBot website. […]

Techniques for unique, correct and fast geo-queries

UPDATE: Better solution here. Here’s the scenario: You have a lot (a million+) of geotagged addresses in a database and you want to show them as markers on Google Maps. Some further requirements are: You only want to show some constant (10) amount at any given time, since too many markers clutters the map and […]