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Google Container Engine for Dummies

Last week, Google launched an alpha version of a new product called Google Container Engine (GKE). It’s a service that runs pre-packaged Docker images for you: You tell GKE about images you want to run (typically ones you’ve put in the Docker Registry, although there’s a also a hack to run private images) and how many […]

Transatlantic Facebook application performance woes

Someone I follow on Twitter reported having problems getting a Facebook application to perform. I don’t know what they are doing so this post is just guessing at their problem, but the fact is that — if you’re not paying attention — you can easily shoot yourself in the foot when building and deploying Facebook […]

Rent vs. Buy (or EC2 vs. building your own iron)

Over the past months Jeff Atwood (of Coding Horror fame) has been chronicling Stack Overflows quest for new hardware, starting with “Server Hosting – Rent vs. Buy?” and ending with some glamour shots. I’ve recently (along with others) built a setup for a .Net website in the same “to big for shared or low-end VPS […]

EC2 SQL Server backup strategies and tactics

The many backup modes offered by Microsoft SQL server, combined with the prodigious hardware options offered on Amazon EC2 can make choosing a backup strategy for your setup a little confusing. In this post, I’ll sketch some options and end with a simple PowerShell script usable on both Express and Standard versions, that’ll backup your […]

Installing IIS 6 SMTP service on an Amazon EC2 instance

The standard Amazon Windows AMIs don’t come with the IIS 6 SMTP component installed. It can be added through the “Add or Remove Programs”->”Add/Remove Windows Components” util on Windows Server 2003 (full guide), but you need the installation media. Amazon has an article describing how to do just that here. You basically create an EBS […]