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Webcam face detection in C# using Emgu CV

Some time ago I wrote a post on how to do face detection in C# using OpenCV. I’ve since begun using the Emgu CV wrapper instead of opencvdotnet. Emgu CV is much better, in active development and it even runs on Mono. Two gotchas: You don’t have to install OpenCV, but instead have to copy […]

14 October 2008 @ 11pm


Smuggling exceptions out of try-catches with IEnumerable

The code in this post is from a talk by Erik Meijer, I claim no credit. Take a look at this screenshot: Pretty wacky huh? Visual Studio has broken into debug mode even though the division is clearly wrapped in a try-catch. Take a guess at what’s going on before reading on. Here’s the full […]

CRMMetal and LINQtoCRM

As you may know, Microsoft introduced many-to-many relationships in version 4.0 of Dynamics CRM. Unfortunately, querying these relationships is not supported through the general web service entities as the intermediary entities are not exposed. Fetch XML works fine however (and don’t forget this great hack to generate FetchXML). The missing entities meant that LINQtoCRM didn’t […]

Using WCF to power Facebook feedstory forms

UPDATE: I think facebook has changed the API so that links in full stories have to be split into src and href parts. Several parts of the Facebook developer API requires application developers to furnish JSON web services that feed data to various actions. These include feed forms (“I want to stick something on my […]

3 July 2008 @ 8am

C#, Facebook

Facebook signature generation in .Net

While the Facebook Developer Toolkit handles most of the needs of your average Facebook application, there is not support for the Post-Remove stuff that happens when users decide to remove your application. When your application is removed by a user, Facebook submits a “Post” in the the general direction of a url you’ve specified. The […]

Facedectection in C# with less than 50 LoC

I’ve been mucking around with face detection a bit lately. Here’s a short guide to getting face detection running in C# in a short amount of time. UPDATE: Recommend EmguCV for C# wrapping OpenCV, read the updated guide. I’ve identified two free computer vision libraries that do face detection:  Torch3vision and OpenCV(I’m sure there are […]

.Net/Firefox Screen Scraping

Need to scrape a website? I have two links for you: Solvent from the MIT SIMILI project. In combination with Piggy Bank it’s a scraper on it’s own, but I only use for its superb XPath generator. Just activate the sprayer and click on an element you want and Solvent will generate an intelligent XPath […]

1 August 2007 @ 12pm


Concise code

Yesterday when porting LinqtoCRM to VS 2008 Beta 2, I had to get an array of the types of the properties of some generic type. This array would be passed to Type.GetConstructor(). I had an array of PropertyInfos which contain the type of the property, and I could have new’ed up an array and looped […]

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